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What about me?

Are you feeling left behind as a mom?

I did a little skipping yesterday or jump rope as some may call it that resulted in aching muscles, and pain in my shoulders causing me not to sleep too well. Yet, I had to get up, prepare breakfast for my child and get her ready for school as I readied myself for work.

Today, the usual “hurry……we are getting late” last call and dashing out of the house for our commute marked the official beginning of the day. After a full day of work, there will be catching up to hear about her day, homework if any, cooking dinner, cleaning, more cleaning, starting on laundry, and the endless list of chores.

As a single mom, who has no family ties in this faraway land the tasks at hand can all feel daunting. The past few years have been recovery years.

I don’t believe that there is anyone who really plans to be a single mom. Life happens, and you have to pick yourself up and move forward. But sometimes the clock seems to be ticking faster than the goals and plans you have in mind. You may be dreaming of going back to school, starting a business, traveling, or writing a book but your days are filled with nurturing and mothering. Your friends and college mates may be well ahead of you so you are left wondering when you will ever catch up. This leads to the constant question in your mind – what about me?

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I want to encourage you to remember that:

  • What you do counts. It may not be seen or recognized but it does count. it may be small and mundane but it adds up to the bigger picture.
  • Motherhood can sometimes feel like an interruption of your life but never forget your mission as a mother. If possible, write down a simple mission statement about your role as a mom that will keep you encouraged on those days when the task feels daunting. The life of Mary the mother of Jesus was interrupted and disrupted when the angel appeared to her.
  • There are no perfect moms or perfect circumstances. There are those moms who may paint a picture that their life as a mom is easy but let that not deceive you. Every mother has a struggle that you don’t know of, whether they are a billionaire or a pauper, whether they are a CEO or a cleaner. Celebrate your own journey.
  • Do the little things every day that brings joy to your heart.
  • Find your purpose and live it. Many times, our purpose is tied to the things that cause unsettling feelings in us that cause us to want to effect change, or they are tied to the talents and gifts that we have.
  • Keep a journal. Practice the art of thinking deeply about who you are and establishing your ‘why I am here”.
  • Take small steps towards your goals. A friend reminded me this week that small goals lead to habits, habits lead to routines and routines lead to lifestyles.
  • Write down your vision statement of how your entire life to look like.
  • Constantly fill your heart.
  • You matter. What you do matters.

 Happy Mother’s Day.

Your inspirational friend,


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