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Excuses! Yesterday evening my daughter placed two items on my study desk. I was caught up in an assignment and was trying hard to focus on the task at hand. The two items were handcrafted love emblems that she had made using a paper towel. She did not even use one sheet of the paper towel to create this.
As I went to bed I thought about how often we tend to make excuses when it comes to giving to our loved ones. We make excuses about unavailable funds, busy schedules and anything we can think about. Yet, we can express love through the most basic ways.
Valentines Day might be over but I challenge you to do something everyday to make a gift from the heart, with the resources you have at hand. One of the biggest tragedies we have as humans is not expressing or verbalizing our love for fear of rejection or hangups from past experiences.
Remember this: Small things can be big things, and big things can be small things! Selah!

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